drunk on pride is an upcoming working class jcink rpg taking place in chicago. please follow the tumblr for more information and check out our tag #drunkenrp. 


wanna make a secret handshake it involves us touching our mouths together for three hours

our first event!

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au: everyone is born with their soulmate’s name tattooed on their wrist like a birthmark. 

i’ve been thinking about this for a bit but i would really like to have fraternal twins who are really codependent because they grew up without their parents (they could’ve been just absent or dead or whatever) and the ‘us against the world mentality’ and it was cute when they were little but it became more of a problem when they grow up because they’re clingy with each other and they get jealous when one of them starts spending an abundance of time with another person (not like incest-y jealous, although it borders on it sometimes, more like a person getting jealous that their best friend is spending more time with another friend and forgetting them) and they keep ruining each other’s lives without even realizing it and idk i just think this would be super fun to play with

why do people find it so hard to play males 

when people don’t even bother reading your shipper…

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When I met you,
I knew that there
would never be
another person
who I wanted
more than you.

Since the first time
you touched me,
I knew that your skin
against mine would be
the only thing
that I could ever crave.

When you said
that you loved me
it was the only time
that I ever believed
in those words
when they were
coming out of
someone’s mouth.

I promised myself
to you, and it’s
the only one
that I will never

All I have ever
wanted to do
since I’ve known you
is to explore
your body. And I
know that no
land will ever
be able to compare
to the feeling of
the warmth of
your love
against my skin.